It may seem ostentatious to include a section for acknowledgements in a project such at this, but I am a big fan of showing appreciation and indebtedness, so here we are.

The basic structure of Technomancy 101 was originally developed for my Beginning Interactive Multimedia Ritual Design course at Arcanorium College in 2010, and many of the examples grew out of a series of tutorials I had made for my forthcoming robomancy project. My gratitude extends to everyone who has been involved with or supported those projects.

Thanks to Austin Coppock and everyone who previewed Technomancy 101 and gave me feedback. Special thanks to Peter Bebergal for including it in his book, Strange Frequencies.

William Kiesel has provided multiple avenues for me to share my technomantic arts with the public. His kindness shall not go unmentioned.

Gramercy to Kirsten Brown for her painting of the Technomancer, and Peter Carroll for contributing his endorsement. Pete was my first mentor in Chaos magic, and the first to propose I materialize occult subjects with my hands rather than just behold them with my mind’s eye.

I have adapted Philip H. Farber’s Meta-Magick techniques to many of my technomantic designs (including some not featured on this website). Not only is Phil an “old school” technomancer (see also), his Meta-Magick is the best implementation I know of the two major themes that run through Pete’s Liber Null: “that altered states of consciousness are the key to unlocking one’s magical abilities; and that these abilities can be developed without any symbolic system except reality itself.”

Most images and sounds that are my own were made with GIMP, Inkscape, and Audacity. Animated GIFs were made with ScreenToGif, often assisted by Sizer. I use PortableApps and FastStone Capture every day, and my work would be much more onerous without them. Technomancy 101 was published with WordPress.

Heartfelt thanks to my daughter, Avery, for being my standard of unshakable faith and for continually dilating my reality tunnel, revealing opportunities for wonder and compassion; and to my partner, Stephanie, for deserving so much adoration, radiating so much inspiration, seeking the mysteries, enduring my peculiarities, and for being the best person with whom to be chained to a gigantic rock and hurled 30 kilometers per second through space. You two make everything worth anything.

Praise be to Tron and Robby, my dæmons of technomancy and robomancy, software and hardware, spaces and bodies.

Technomancy 101 is dedicated to my fellow technomancers: Ferdinando Buscema, Maggie Buxton, Pablo Cabana, Eddie Garou, Jeff Howard, Tina Hyland, Matt Kaybryn, Howard Rheingold, Maria Saridaki, Jael Topek, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, Lua Valentia, Damien Patrick Williams.

Last but light years from least, GOB FOU to all of you who know who you are. “We really shook the pillars of heaven, didn’t we, Wang?”

Shout Outs: Jigsaw Renaissance (R.I.P.)

Inspirational Music: Blood Ceremony; Electric Wizard’s Come My Fanatics…; Electro-Industrial Assassins; Vatic[A.N.]’s Infocalypse; Keygen Church; Mare Cognitum; Master Boot Record; Old World Radio; Bal-Sagoth’s The Power Cosmic; Shadowrun video game soundtracks; SomaFM; Gloryhammer’s Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards; Temple ov Saturn; Tron: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D; Ayreon’s Universal Migrator; The Sword’s Warp Riders