Scratch 3.0

The pace of technological advancement is a peculiar challenge for the technomancer. Although humans have been practicing magic since the beginning of our time, the specific forms of magic practiced in Technomancy 101 became feasible only in the past several decades, and widely accessible only in the last few years. I began writing Technomancy 101 in 2015 with the intention to publish it within a year, but then a few major events in my personal life postponed the release. Meanwhile, the good folks at the MIT Media Lab were busy working on the next version of Scratch.

The online editor at will be updated to 3.0 in January of 2019. Many Technomancy 101 projects should work in 3.0, but some will not. Specifically, the PicoBoard and LEGO WeDo 1.0 extensions are not supported by 3.0 (yet), although 3.0 will have many new extensions and you can still develop your own. I anticipate adding some projects here that utilize new features in 3.0, but I have no definite timeline for that.

For more information about Scratch 3.0, see: