A Word from Peter J. Carroll

Magic has a glorious history of hijacking humanity’s technologies and using them for esoteric purposes to enhance the human adventure in strange and unexpected ways. Over the millennia, Magicians have subverted the ideas and technologies of Art, Writing, Religion, and the Sciences to their purposes. As we move into the Information Age, the tradition continues, and I note with delight the timely appearance of this seminal work by Joshua Madara: a Cyber-Grimoire, a manual of computer-assisted sorcery.

A few years back on Arcanorium College, Joshua kicked around some ideas on using the new information technologies for Magic, and showed us some intriguing prototypes. Now, after some years of research and development, he has appeared with the fully functional resource of Technomancy. In it you will find resources to aid all the main branches of magical practise: Enchantment, Divination, Evocation, Invocation, and Illumination. The programs in Technomancy come on several levels: some come as ready to go for anyone who can use a keyboard; others come as programs that more experienced users will delight in customising and developing and even building bits of kit for.

So, with the 21st century still young, consider laying aside the ancient dusty books for a while and taste the possible Magical Information Technologies of the future.

Peter J. Carroll
October 11, 2018