Project: AppleOfDiscord

This project is intended for use with Makey Makey Classic or GO, however you may consult Eris just by pressing the space key on your keyboard.

What It Does

This one is for all you Discordians out there: a divination project that answers your query with a mystic icon when you touch the Apple of Discord. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Connect Makey Makey to the computer running Scratch, and verify it is working correctly.
  2. Prepare the apple and connect it to Makey Makey using a crocodile clip.
  3. Start the Scratch program running.
  4. Ask your query (aloud or silently).
  5. When you feel ready, touch the apple (thus activating Makey Makey to sends a signal to Scratch that the space key has been pressed).
  6. Interpret the sign that appears.

Apple of Discord interaction

How It Works

The Scratch program is quite simple, and could be even simpler. All you really need are one sprite with the possible divination images (as costumes), and this script:

Apple of Discord simple script

However, I added a focus image and a simple transition for æsthetics, thus AppleOfDiscord has two sprites:

  • HandOfEris — displays the Hand of Eris while the divination is in progress. Hides when he space key is pressed, in order to show the other sprite.
  • Fnord — randomizes costumes until the space key is pressed (touching the apple connected to the Makey Makey sends a space-key signal to the computer), when it displays whichever costume is selected at that moment. I use the set size to () % and change size by () blocks to quickly zoom in on the costume when it is selected.
If you use Makey Makey Classic instead of GO, remember that you need be also touching a ground (EARTH) wire when you touch the apple. Also make sure you connect the apple to the SPACE contact on the Makey Makey board.

How you prepare the apple is up to you, but my suggestion is that you wash and dry it; inscribe the phrase ΤΗΙ ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ (“to the fairest”), KALLISTI, or just K onto it; and perform the Mass of Chaos E1 to consecrate and enchant the apple; all prior to running the project.

Apple of Discord KALLISTI
Apple of Discord dais
Instead of connecting a wire directly to the apple from Makey Makey, I built a small dais to place the apple on, and connect the wire through that. I hammered a short nail through the center of a 4 × 4 wood panel such that the point of the nail sticks up. I added feet to the dais so I could feed the wire beneath it, and I attached the wire’s crocodile clip to the head of the nail. Finally, I impaled the apple on the nail, thus making the electrical path: finger → apple → nail → wire → Makey Makey → USB cable → computer running Scratch.

Make It Better

  • Replace the icons with ones of your own choosing or design.
  • Change the transition from the Hand of Eris to the chosen icon.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Replace the golden delicious apple with one of genuine gold!


The 23 mystic icons used in this project were made by Utro-na-more.

  1. Peter J. Carroll, The Octavo (Mandrake of Oxford, 2011) 162–168.